Bambo Nature Midi 5 - 10 KGS 33 Pieces


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Bambo Nature Eco Disposable Nappies
CHOICE magazine's recommended 'Green Buy' for disposable nappies
Pack of 33 nappies. Price per nappy: $0.70
The new improved nappy design ensures maximum freedom of movement for baby. The Bambo Nature nappy features:
re-sealable, stretchy velcro-style tabs;
double leakage barriers with soft elastic helps keep baby dry;
superabsorbent core with a unique layer that draws wetness away from baby's skin, keeping baby dry and comfortable even with repeat wetting;
extra elastication along the back for better fit and comfort;
breathable backsheet allows air to circulate to the skin, reducing moisture content, thereby reducing the risk of skin irritation.
Bambo Nature:

CHOICE magazine's recommended 'Green Buy' for disposable nappies
eco friendly manufacturing process means a lower eco-footprint;
designed and tested by the manufacturer for skin friendliness;
raw materials used to produce the nappy are certified free from harmful chemicals;
biodegradable core with biodegradable starch granules;
100% chlorine free;
no perfumes or lotions;
no TBT, antioxidents, PVC or latex;
fully recycleable packaging;
highly absorbent, perfect for using overnight.
All of the Bambo products have been awarded the Nordic Swan Eco Label, the official Scandinavian environmental logo for eco-products. This means state-of-the-art manufacturing process, and raw materials making up the products are assured to have minimal environmental impact.

Difference between Bambo Nature and Bambo
Abena manufacturer several different qualities of nappies, with Bambo Nature the premium brand and Bambo the standard. Both brands carry the Nordic Swan Eco Label. You can be assured that all Abena products are of excellent quality.Please click here to see the range of samples available.

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Babies come in all different shapes and sizes and they all eat and drink different quantities. You may find that although your baby is still within the recommended weight range for the size, the next size up is more absorbent, which is especially important at night.

There is an overlap in sizes in the larger nappies to take into account that as babies grow, there can be a much bigger discrepancy in ages and shapes, which may mean that one 13kg baby is fine in the maxi size, but another 13kg baby needs the maxi plus.

We find that the optimum weight ranges are:

Newborn: from birth to around 3.5kgs
Mini: from approximately 3.5kgs to around 5kgs
Midi: from 5kgs to just under 9kgs
Maxi: from around 8 1/2 kgs to around 13kgs
Maxi plus: from around 13kgs
Junior and XL plus: from around 15kgs
Training pants come in 14kgs plus and 18kgs plus, but do tend to run on the small side.