Safe Cleaning Products

This is what Cinderella says about their product. About Now you can be super fabulous everyday with Cinderella. Cinderella essential home cleaning products offer you a combination of fun, fragrance, performance and ecological soundness. We sourced the best plant based ingredients, tested them under tough conditions to make sure they cleaned better than most, then put them in a stylish bottle that wouldn't have to be hidden under the sink. We made them safe for the environment with 100% of the product degrading in 28 days and 90% of the product degrading in 7 - 10 days and made them safe for people by only using the best plant based surfactants (cleaning agents). You won't have to wear gloves when you use Cinderella as our fast effective formulas attack grime not skin and our yummy fragrances like coconut, pineapple and mint will make you want to clean because they smell so good. Cinderella Kind of Style At Cinderella we do things in a Cinderella kind of way. That's why we make sure our products are kind on lots of things. Kind on the environment: You don't need petroleum distillates, ammonia or phosphates to get your home clean. Cinderella contains plant-based surfactants from renewable resources that are 9x more biodegradable than standard surfactants. The range is antibacterial due to the effective level of cleaning agents. Kind towards animals: You don't need animals to determine product safety that's what friends and family are for. Animals were helpful in testing product effectiveness though, walking mud and other mysterious grime into households for our testers to clean. Kind on the nose: Cinderella products make your house smell delectable, like coconut, pineapple and mint. There are no harsh scents just extracts from real fruit and plants. Kind on the home: Cinderella won't strip your surfaces and leave them exposed; it'll just quickly and effectively remove the grime and leave you with sparkling surfaces. Kind on the eye: We're all for a bit of eye candy and we know living can be messy, so we've made our products stylish and compact so you don't have to hide them under the sink. Kind on children: And kind on adults too. Nobody needs to be inflicted with harsh chemicals so we have made sure our range is effective without irritating or drying out your skin. While we don't recommend drinking the products, digestive tracks will not be destroyed in the process.