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you have made the wonderful decision to take your baby swimming, be it lessons or just for splash in your own pool, you and your baby are in for some fun. The next decision you have to make is, what will your baby wear while swimming. Apart from the easy choices of swimming suits and sunscreen, your baby also needs to wear a swim nappy.

Swim nappies are usually a mandatory requirement of most public pools to keep the water sanitary for others, as they are able to contain the baby's poos.

There are many different kinds of swim nappies as there are normal nappies. There are disposable baby swimming nappies and reusable swim nappies.

Cushie Tushies reusable swim nappies have a polyurethane lining that acts like a plastic coating between two layers of fabric. The elastic legs and waist keeps anything from coming out the legs or above the waist. Once baby has finished their swim, all you have to do is flush the waste down the toilet and wash for next time.

So basically with the Cushie Tushies Reusable Aqua Swim Nappies, what happens in the nappy stays in the nappy!

When you make a decision on what you will choose, keep in mind the advantages listed below of a reusable baby swim nappy:

Save Money - One reusable swim nappy is usually the same price as small pack of disposable. However the disposable can only be used once and must be thrown away. The reusable swimming nappy contents can be flushed down the loo and washed for re use. Reusable swim nappies will pay for themselves.

No nasty Chemicals - Unlike Disposable Nappies, Cushie Tushies are chemical free protecting your Babies skin.

Cuter Designs - You can even get a design to match babies swimsuit.

Hand me downs - Not only can you reuse the swimming nappy, when your baby has grown out of it, you can keep it for your next baby. The chlorine resistance means your baby swimming nappy won’t disintegrate or fade. A great hand me down.

So grab a swim nappy and enjoy a worry free swimming session with your baby.

Cushie Tushies sells OSFA (6-18kgs) swimming nappies for $19.95 in a range of adorable colours and styles.