NATY by NATURE BABYCARE SIZE 3 4-9 KG Box 62 piece


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Naturally breathable
GMO free corn based materials
Chlorine and fragrance free

Naty Nappies provide an ecological nappy change option for environmentally aware parents. Both nappies and nappy pants are made from natural and renewable material with fully compostabe GM free corn based film and 100% Chlorine and Fragrance Free making them naturally breathable. The corn starch film is used as a leakage barrier which is as effective as plastic but will not cause skin irritation like plastic can.


  • Size 3 Nappies 4 - 9kg
  • Naturally Breathable
  • Corn starch film as leakage barrier prevents skin irritation
  • Fully compostabe GM free corn based film
  • Natural and renewable material
  • 100% Chlorine and fragrance FREE