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Mandy Mac has not only managed to solve the 'tropical' issues of drying time and sweaty bottoms but has come up with an innovative nappy design to make adjusting the One Size nappy a breeze.

The Mandy MacTropic adjusts sizing to fit from newborn to toddler by having button hole elastic in both the legs and the back of the nappy. The nappy arrives set to the small setting, all you need to do is turn the nappy inside out, let out the elastic as much as you need, and leave it. When your child has a growth spurt you can adjust the elastic as required.

The size of the legs holes is totally independent of the waist measurement, so is great for those babies that have trouble fitting conventional sizings. Having the elastic so accessible also means that if the elastic ever fails, it can be replaced easily at home.
The only downside to having set and forget sizing (that you only adjust when needed) is that you can't really have a baby and a toddler using the same nappy - it would be too fiddly adjusting the elastic every change.

Quick Drying
The Mandy MacTropic has microfibre as its primary absorbent core - a layer through the whole body of the nappy, another through the wet zone and in a snapped on insert as well. Microfibre is not only super absorbent, but is much faster drying than hemp or bamboo. As this nappy is constructed with a pocket opening, you can also turn it inside out to speed up drying time.

One of the common recommendations to parents whose babies experience sweaty bottoms, is to put them in a fitted nappy with no cover - this being the most breathable option (apart from going naked!). The Mandy MacTropic, like fitted nappies, doesn't have a layer of waterproof PUL. It does, however, have a layer of shortnapped minky designed to produce a water resistant nappy.
This means that the nappy will feel wet on the outside when there is sufficient wee in the nappy - so it's not waterproof. For those who have light wetting babies/toddlers, or change after every wee, this shouldn't be a problem. Alternatively, this nappy can be treated just like a fitted nappy and a breathable cover (wool is a fantastic option!) popped over the top.