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Super Wee Man

Boys Toilet Trainer

Makes weeing standing up a breeze for little boys

•Revolutionises boy's toilet training
•Safe to use
•No need for a step or stool
•Designed to hold an infants full bladder
•Easy to clean with a patented no splash or drip self washing design
•Washes itself when you flush the toilet
•Clips easily to the toilet rim
•Tip wee easily into toilet bowl then flush to clean
This is a unique invention that is revolutionising toilet training for young boys. It serves as a toilet training urinal, targeted especially for 1-4 year old boys

It simply clips onto the front of a normal sized toilet, allowing small boys to urinate while standing up un-aided

This toilet trainer makes toilet training so simple and best of all your little boy can enjoy the satisfaction of going to the toilet standing up just like Dad!

A toilet trainer designed just for boys!!