Wee Target * Fire Truck * blue firetruck!


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When the child aims correctly at the black spot, it disappears to reveal a surprise picture. Flush and the black spot will reappear!

Attach Wee Target with suction cup to rear rim inside toilet, making sure target sits above water level. Clean by flushing.

No harsh brushing/scratching, use a soft cloth to prolong product life. No harsh chemicals directly on the black spot as this can break down the ink components.

Replace every 3-6 weeks. Effect works at 31C.

Please note the black ink spot is heat sensitive and weather conditions can alter the effectiveness of it, ie. Winter is colder and the spot is harder to change and Summer when warmer the spot is very quick to change.

The product may be a choking hazard to children.
Appropriate precautions must be taken so that the child does not swallow it.