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Confused ? Come in and touch feel and pick my brain, thats what I am here for.
‘Why is toilet training taking so long?’
This subject is something that bothers me greatly, something I hear every other day in my shop! Firstly I’d like to say even though my business is called ‘The Nappy Lady’ I do not think that I am an expert in Nappying whether it be modern cloth, old school flats or even disposables, The Nappy Lady name came from what my customers call me, I became know by this name so I went from trading under my company name to ‘The Nappy Lady’ and have since trade marked it across Australia for the past 6 years .But I am passionate about our kids, the environment , the money we spend etc etc and of courser my Customers.
What I am about to talk about is my opinion on what I see & hear everyday and that of my customers.
You just have to ask your mum, grandmother or Aunt when they were toilet trained or when their kids were to understand this concern. Go back to the 1940’s-50’s when the majority of babies were toilet trained anywhere from 14 months – 24months ( TOPS ) to know that something has changed!
But what is it?
Are we to time poor to put in the effort to spend a week training our kids or is it more than that?
Are our disposables nappies TOO absorbent, is that it, is the connection between the brain and the feeling of wetness getting lost somewhere?
Might I add now that disposables can cost a parent anywhere up to $3600 and beyond before their child is toilet trained during the day , this is one of the reasons I started to distribute Swaggers nappies, to firstly appease the expense, roughly an outlay of $400-$650 for fulltime use ( 24 nappies ) to fit up to 2-21/2 years, I can go on and on about why you would consider using them , but we are talking about toilet training, modern cloth are more absorbent than of fashioned flats / squares and some are less absorbent than disposables BUT modern cloth give the child the sensation of being wet before it is wicked away into the absorbent lower layers, this in turn gives the brain time to recognize what just happened , so as your child grows they will know the thought and feeling then will know they need to get to the toilet with a heap of encouragement of course.
Is this the simple answer, do we need to get back to basics? That being the case, why aren’t we, why do parents today spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily?
Why are we seeing 3-4 year olds pictures on pull-up packets?? Why have the big companies brought out wetness liners? My opinion is because the nappies are way to absorbent, why is eczema & nappy rash on the increase, because people leave them on to long, a nappy should be changed every 2 hours (overnight is an exception) leaving a nappy on for to long causes nappy rash especially when poo meets wee leaving a nappy on for 4-6 hours during the day because its not leaking or doesn’t smell is not a reason to leave it on for so long.
More on nappy rash facts another time.
I am a big believer in rewards charts for littlies that includes the whole family, one that is made with the child’s help, personally this worked for my two sons, plus lots of effort and encouragement.
Back to the nappies, I really believe and hundreds of my customers believe that using cloth be it old school or modern cloth that the kids trained at an average age of 2 2-1/2 years old obviously some kids will take longer some even earlier , but I am seeing kids on average 3-4 years still being trained if it takes that long you can expect to be out of pocket up To $4000-$5000 that’s a lot of nappies not to mention the landfill it creates.
So why is it?
Why are parents not seeing the obvious, why spend all this money, why not do better for our environment, better for the kids?
Why are we not getting back to basics?
Why are parents making their lives more stressful, not only emotionally but also financially, using modern cloth is only a load of washing every 2nd or 3rd day, you use ½ strength detergent and hang out no different to washing towels or other clothes, defiantly something to consider for your child and your bank account.
Kind regards
‘The Nappy Lady ‘

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